Packages are available for the following distros/platforms. If you know of a package for your platform, please feel free to mail us a link and we will add it to this page.


Fedora Core 3 - Fedora RPMS

Debian GNU/Linux - Debian debs

Gentoo - Available through portage

FreeBSD - Available through ports system

Knoppix 3.7 - Available through klik

Source Code:

Source code is available either through stable releases or through CVS.

Stable releases - akregator source code

CVS (unstable) instructions:

akregator is developed with the CVS servers of the KDE project. To checkout an unstable version of akregator, first put the following in ~/.cvsrc:
cvs -z4 -q
diff -u3 -p
update -dP
checkout -P
After this, you can connect the KDE anonymous CVS server using the following commands:
touch ~/.cvspass
cvs login
If you get a prompt about a password, just press enter. After you have logged in, checkout a copy of akregator using the following commands:
cvs co kdepim 
To compile it, just issue the following commands:
cd kdepim
make -f Makefile.cvs
./configure --enable-debug=full
(as root) make install